Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride


Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride

Walker Diggon renovated the existing games building added an addition in order to fit this new attraction. We also:

  • oversaw the project
  • laid out the foundation which included the concrete caissons and concrete foundation walls
  • laid out and supervised the structural steel installation
  • formed the concrete ramps, platforms and curved bench seating in-house
  • special special and lighting, custom ACM panelling on exterior
  • prepared the entire site for the new attraction

About Carnival Chaos

Featuring 7 fully interactive screens, 5 carts (4 players / cart),  the award winning HyperRide system brings together all the cutting-edge elements of today’s ride simulators and gaming technology. It’s fully immersive with incredible interactivity, state of the art projection system, captivating media and game play, high velocity motion, high detail 3d animation and sounds.  It joins many other Clifton Hill rides designed by dark ride legends TrioTech, which includes Zombie Attack (XD Dark Ride), Cosmic Coaster (XD Theatre), plus the Typhoon and Storm arcade games in the Great Canadian Midway.

  • HOCO Entertainment
  • Tourism
  • 2022
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