Ripley’s Selfie Studio


Ripley's Selfie Studio

Walker Diggon renovated the existing Ripley’s Moving Theater into a Selfie Studio. We removed the theatre motion equipments, chairs, hydraulics and built out the selfie studio including new walls, electrical, flooring, painting and theming. We also added a new universal washroom and reworked the lobby. Finally, Walker Diggon repainted the exterior and made some changes to the facade.

About Ripley’s Selfie Studio

Ripley’s Selfie Studios is ideal for content creators, families looking to capture vacation memories, and anyone of any age looking for something out of the ordinary to do. It’s also more than just a photo opportunity! Ripley’s Selfie Studios is a place for self-expression and exploration – an attraction where you can share your true self with the world while having fun!

  • Ripley's Entertainment
  • Tourism
  • 2022
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